Seweryn Bidolach

Scrum Master & Software Architect based in London

Welcome on my website. I’m Software Developer/Architect with very well knowledge of agile methodologies and with entrepreneurial skills, based in London. My contact with IT and software was from very young years. I wrote then my first quiz, which was fully implemented in batch files on DOS. I used then Norton Commander as text user interface. That experience and history which I had from my youth helped me to do different experiments and helped to build awareness, how to find a solution to very complex problems.

About me

I am a highly motivated Software Engineer and Scrum Master with 12 years IT experience, very experienced in design and development of Java software solutions (front and back end)

My strong technical skills are in: Web Services, REST API, J2EE, Spring, JavaScript, NodeJs and Web solutions.

Over the four years, in addition to Java and NodeJs development, I have also taken responsibility for management processes and have gained good experience in scrum methodology. Hands-on development remains one of my core passions and I am happy to be involved in development and analysis.

My the biggest project was implemented on Germany market and it was music live streaming platform. At the beginning of this project I was responsible for development and implementation but as the team had grown I was concentrated on Scrum process, analysing and gathering requirements from customers.

In most of my projects the database layer was implemented on MySQL and PostgreSQL using Hibernate or MyBatis but I have also experience with Remedy/BMC Product based on Oracle database.

I have worked in many different projects, technologies and environments. This has given me a very strong and broad experience, which enables me to quickly understand new projects, technologies and approaches. I am adaptable and very keen to further my career in a Java/NodeJS/Web based environment.

Backend - 9/10

Frontend - 9/10

Database - 6/10

Architecture - 9/10

Agile - 9/10

Coaching - 9/10



  • Defining UML diagrams (Sequence, Activity, Class and Business Diagram)
  • Creating database schema in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Creating technical documentation
  • Database Layer implementation based on Hibernate, MySQL, JDBC
  • Backend implementation in languages: Java, NodeJS, Grails
  • Implementation web API based on RESTful or SOAP approach
  • Creating API GUI documentation based on Swagger Framework
  • 3th parties integration between system based on REST or SOAP
  • Frontent implementation in MVC approach (Templates, JavaScript, HTML5)
  • Integration and autorization by socialmedia (facebook, twitter, linkedin)
  • Mobile development (Web responsive design, Android development)
  • TDD and BDD based on JUnit and other Frameworks
  • REST API Automation Test based on RestAssured Framework
  • Frontent Automation Tests based on Selenium
  • Implementation TestNG Scripts configured by XML settings
  • Implementation of Performance Tests based on JMeter
  • Scrum Master
  • Project Agile Management
  • Product Management
  • Agile Planning and Analyzing
  • Create Agile Vision
  • Design Agile Roadmap
  • Define Product Backlog
  • Create MoSCoW priorities
  • Define stories in criteria INVEST
  • Team Building & Motivation
  • Risk Management
  • JIRA configurtion and management


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Seweryn Bidolach
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